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Honey Chunks made from Bit O Honey

Honey Chunks made from Bit O Honey


First made in 1924, Honey Chunks made from Bit-O-Honey is a classic candy, one that has kept its sweet, nutty taste throughout the years. Honey Chunks candy consists of honey-flavored taffy with almond bits blended in. Light, crunchy, & delicious bites of honey that won't stick to your teeth. Honey Chunks candy is a low-fat treat, so enjoy a couple as a satisfying, guilt-free snack!


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    All sales are final. 


    We will deliver same day if we have all items in stock, it is during business hours, and if the store is not closed for a special occasion. 


    Honey Chunks contain wheat flour as one of their ingredients, which contains gluten. Therefore, individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease should avoid consuming Bit-O-Honey candies.

    Regarding nuts, Honey Chunks candies do not contain nuts as part of their ingredients. However, they are manufactured in facilities that handle other ingredients, including nuts. Cross-contamination may occur, so individuals with severe nut allergies should use caution.

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