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Chili Fruity Bites made from Skittles with Tajin

Chili Fruity Bites made from Skittles with Tajin


These are created from Skittles. The fruity flavor is also coated with Chamoy and Tajin to give it a crunchy, spicy, and sweet flavor. Your taste bud are sure to be excited for these.  

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    We will deliver same day if we have all items in stock, it is during business hours, and if the store is not closed for a special occasion. 

  • Allergen Info:

    All Skittles products made in the United States are considered gluten-free. But keep in mind: Mars Wrigley company does not go through the process of ensuring Skittles are certified gluten-free. This means there is some risk of cross-contamination with gluten ingredients.

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