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Asteroid Clusters made from Nerd Clusters

Asteroid Clusters made from Nerd Clusters


These are created from Nerd Clusters. They are light and airy and have a crunchy and sweet taste from the nerd candy that is stuck to it.  

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    We will deliver same day if we have all items in stock, it is during business hours, and if the store is not closed for a special occasion. 


    Nerd clusters, as produced by Nestlé, do not contain gluten ingredients. However, it's important to note that Nestlé produces their products in facilities that also process other products containing gluten. Therefore, there may be a risk of cross-contamination.

    Nerd clusters are not specifically formulated with nuts. However, it's worth noting that they are produced in facilities that handle other ingredients, including nuts. Cross-contamination can occur, so individuals with severe nut allergies should exercise caution.

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